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In the market there are a lot of products, which are off-the-shelf and can be used straight away to solve business IT needs. But still, due to the huge variations in the business models of the industry, there is a major need for bespoke desktop applications. Businesses require a lot of customizations as per their needs. Kalpadrum always works on developing bespoke applications for businesses, which provide IT solutions without the need to change existing business processes. Our focus is to get IT into the business to work more efficiently rather than completely changing the way you work.
Key features of application development life cycle at Kalpadrum are as follows:
Proper documentation of requirements and the functionality. Kalpadrum makes sure that there is enough interaction with the customer initially so that the requirements are properly documented and the team can work in tandem.
Involvement of QA at the initial stages so that development is in right direction
Effective usage of source code management system makes sure that there isn't regression of bugs & we are able to provide older versions with accuracy.
Over the years of experience, Kalpadrum has set up and follows coding standards so that the code is readable, person independent & probability of bugs is less.
Code reviews by peers and seniors make sure that the standards are followed and implementation is accurate.
Better visibility and control of projects is achieved by using state of the art project management system.
Use of bug tracking system allows the clients to raise issues and makes sure that none of them goes unnoticed.
Kalpadrum believes in transparency and there is constant interaction with client. This makes sure that the client is well informed and confident.
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