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Kalpadrum provides complete turnkey end to end software consulting and development services as per the requirements of the customers. This includes projects which involve basic conceptualization, architectural planning, development, deployment and maintenance.

We have over 10 years experience of international consulting and development. Kalpadrum considers itself as a pure “Software Engineering” company. Our expertise lies in providing an excellent solution to our customers based on their requirements.

With intense coding and quality standards, we are able to ensure that we meet our customer expectations. Some of our customers have even been able to get international awards.

Mobile Web Desktop Application Cross Platform
Commerce Enabling Development Development

Kalpadrum has been providing consultancy services for Mobile Commerce from the very start of evolution of mobile computing. This has given our team an in-depth experience of solving various business as well as technological challenges.

With evolution of internet, web enabling of the business is no more a competitive edge but a competitive requirement. The advent of Web 2.0, AJAX and SOAP, have further fueled the need for businesses to move their IT into Web platform.

In the market there are a lot of products, which are off-the-shelf and can be used straight away to solve business IT needs. But still, due to the huge variations in the business models of the industry, there is a major need for bespoke desktop applications.

Kalpadrum understands the importance of reuse of code and also the various platforms of choice for various customers. So Kalpadrum makes sure the code is reusable and easily portable to various platforms.

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